Increase Website Views with Guest Posts


What are guest posts? Guest posts are when a colleague or industry professional writes a blog that you publish on your website or you write a blog that is posted on their website blog. There are many benefits to guest posting, but exercise caution in who you select to write guest posts for your website. For example, if you want to create a conversation about professional teeth whitening, choose a writer with authoritative knowledge, like a fellow dentist or a manufacturer of the teeth whitening products.

The Benefits of Guest Posts

Increase Exposure

Writing guest blogs on a relevant website is a great way to get exposure for your practice. For example, an optometrist has extensive experience identifying and treating eye infections that commonly affect children. Sharing a blog on common pediatric eye infections on a parenting website or a related child care website will bring more traffic to an optometrist’s website. Be sure to include a link back to a related page on your website in every guest blog that you write. In this example, a link back to a page on the optometrist’s website discussing how to avoid eye infections would be relevant.

Reach a Broad Audience

A guest blog exposes a large audience to your writing, your practice, and your services. Additionally, guest posting enables you to create quality backlinks to your website, which positively affects your SEO. Lastly, when properly optimized, these blog posts may come up in search engine results when users search for information on that topic.

Brand Awareness

By calling on authoritative figures to guest post on your blog and by writing more guest blogs, you will increase brand awareness. In addition to boosting brand awareness, guest posts boost your authority in your field. Share your blog posts to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The more that users share, like, and comment on your post, the stronger your overall brand awareness.

New Partner Opportunities

The process of posting guest posts and inviting guest posts also creates opportunities for new business partnerships. For instance, an acupuncturist can write authoritative blogs on how acupuncture promotes health and wellness for a local health food store and the local health food store can promote the acupuncturist’s office through their website or by word of mouth.

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