Social Media as a Public Relations Tool


What is PR and how does social media fit in?

Public Relations (PR) is the art of managing communications between an organization and the public. Whether good or bad, people will always have something to say about your business. Social media allows you to engage in the conversations taking place about your business as they happen. Social media also creates the opportunity to change the conversation, increase your brand awareness, and improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

How does social media improve public relations?

A good strategy for social media is to search for influential blogs in your industry and participate in the Social Media & Public Relationsdiscussions. This is an effective and subtle way to introduce your business. Twitter is also an effective tool for introducing your business to social media. By following journalists and writers who target your industry, you can ensure your business is part of the conversation. Facebook and LinkedIn are a bit more personal than twitter and are best used once a relationship has been established. The general idea is to use social media to share content with the journalists and writers who can help you publish even more content about your business.

What is good content to use with social media?

Social media is saturated with content so you must have something interesting to communicate to your audience. Here are a few tips for writing your content:
•    The message must be direct and concise.
•    Use a descriptive and keyword rich headline, but keep in under 80 characters.
•    Don’t embed any media such as a YouTube video, but rather link to the media using descriptive text.
•    Place the link with the richest and best targeted SEO text as close to the beginning as possible.
•    As always, target keywords should have descriptive text and be hyperlinks.

Good Content to Use with Social Media

Social media is a great word-of-mouth communication tool. Don’t miss out on it. Get active on social media today.

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